5 reasons to visit Mamazzita Tulum

Mamazzita is one of the best attractions in Tulum for its Mexican concept reinvented with a modern and innovative touch.

A night at Mamazzita

This is Mamazzita, an experience you can't miss on your next trip to Cancun.

The definitive guide to tequila tasting

Give yourself the opportunity to discover the flavors of Mexico and do something new that will distract you from the routine. If you want to experience a tequila tasting in Ca...

The story behind esquites

At Mamazzita we have reinvented this Mexican classic and added Caribbean lobster, making it one of the stars of our menu.

4 Unmissable Cocktails with Tequila

Tequila is the quintessential Mexican drink, to come to Mexico and not try it is to miss a unique experience discovering the essence of Mexico.

Discover more about the world of mezcal

If you feel like drinking mezcal cocktails in Cancun and pairing your experience with Mexican haute cuisine

5 tacos you will only find at Mamazzita Tulum

If you are looking where to eat in Tulum, this post is for you, Mamazzita is one of the best options to eat tacos in a sophisticated atmosphere accompanied by live music and t...

Mole’s best kept secrets

Mamazzita reinvents Mexican cuisine by creating unique recipes such as the burrata with mole.

5 dishes to try at Mamazzita

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