5 keys to a good taco

In Mexico there are many taco varieties of tacos: tacos de canasta, barbecue, suadero, pastor, chicken, yucatecan pulled pork, steak and basically anything that can be put into a tortilla becomes a taco. 

Each taco has its own style and personality, but if you have ever wondered what the criteria for a good taco is, read on, Mamazzita has created the perfect guide for you. 


The tortilla 

The tortilla is essential for a good taco, its quality and ingredients make a huge difference.   

Your tacos will taste much better if the tortillas are soft and hot when served. 

P.S. If you have the chance, don’t miss on eating blue corn tortillas. 



Each taco has a characteristic flavor, we definitely cannot compare a cochinita taco with a taco de pastor, but we must say quality matters. Your taco ingredients and meat type are fundamental for a totally satisfying experience. 

In addition to the commonly known tacos, dare to elevate your culinary experience, trying new flavors such as lobster tacos or prime steak tacos. 



Aesthetics can make you fall in love, a great presentation can make a difference. An original dish, a garnish or a decorative detail can add that extra something to your Mexican culinary experience. 


Sauces and dressings

A good sauce is essential, preparing a “good salsa” is a culinary art since several factors must be taken into consideration: the freshness of the ingredients, using the right amount, seasoning and preparation. 

Variety is important, although spicy is a must in Mexican cuisine, you should also have more options, in order to experience other flavors and textures. 



Picking the right pairing for your tacos is essential, you can choose a very cold soda, a beer or a sophisticated cocktail with mezcal or tequila. It all depends on your craving or the combination you would like to try with your tacos. The sky's the limit! 


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