Mamazzita now in Cabo

After conquering Tulum, we’ve now landed in Cabo. Mamazzita celebrates Mexican culture and its background, reinventing the folklore in our new venue at ME Cabo Hotel

Mamazzita Cabo maintains the brand’s DNA, but reflects its own personality with an avant-garde and innovative approach, providing a sensory experience that will wrap anyone who visits it. 

Design and architecture will always be an important pillar, every detail is essential to create that unique atmosphere that makes it different from anywhere else. Decor lighting, music, drinks and every item on the menu was carefully chosen to delight the senses and create harmony with each other.

At Mamazzita Cabo, you can try Mexican haute cuisine dishes, reinvented recipes with exclusive ingredients from around the world, you can experiment with new flavors and take your palate to a new dimension of textures and complex combinations that will surprise you. 

Some of the dishes you can try are: Lobster pozole, duck carnitas, Korobuta cochinita pibil and the tortilla soup, which is simply spectacular. Pair our dishes with our varied signature cocktails made with tequila and mezcal, some of the house favorites are: Mamazzita, Besito, Morena mía and La Incondicional. Don’t leave without trying them! In addition to our signature drinks, we also have different margaritas mixed with natural infusions and exclusive liqueurs. 

Music is the final touch for a complete experience. What would Mexico be without its emblematic songs? This is why every night we offer a live show, where the talented singer takes over our spaces to sing your favorite melodies. 

Mamazzita is a Mexican restaurant in Cabo, full of nuances and great surprises throughout the night, don’t miss the opportunity to live this experience that will feed your body and spirit.

Enjoy the best of Mexican cuisine in one place!