5 fun facts about Mexico

Mexico is a country full of history, color and a lot of folklore. Each state and each area has its own indescribable charm and magic.

It’s always a good idea to celebrate our incredible country and learn some fun facts. 


The origin of the word Mexico

Mexico means navel of the moon and it’s an aztec word. Meztli means moon, xictli is navel and Co refers to a place.

This name is as mystical as so many stories in the country and is a great indicator of the importance of astrological beliefs during the Aztec era. 


Mexico’s home to one of seven modern Wonders of the world 

The Chichen Itza pyramid, located in Yucatan is one of the New Wonders of the Modern world. Travelers from all over the world visit this archaeological site every day to learn about its history and great symbolism. Best of all, this extraordinary settlement is just two hours from Cancun.  If you’re visiting this city, we highly recommend it. 


Mexico’s gastronomy is Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Thanks to its wonderful dishes, great diversity of ingredients and flavors, along with French, Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine, Mexican cuisine is a world heritage of humanity. Every bite is part of a legacy. 


Mexico is the Spanish- speaking country with more inhabitants. 

With more than 120 million inhabitants, Mexico becomes the country where Spanish is spoken the most, by territorial extension and of course, inhabitants.

Another important fact to mention is that there are 68 native languages and several recognized linguistic variants. Its cultural richness is imminent. 


Chocolate is mexican

Cocoa was extremely important for the Aztec civilization, many trees were cultivated and it was used as trading currency. Eventually it was also used to prepare drinks and was known as “drink of the gods”.  

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