The definitive guide to tequila tasting

Tastings are the perfect opportunity to discover the world of tequila, an emblematic drink that is part of our history and culture as Mexicans.

Tequila is very common in gatherings or parties, but people tend to drink it as a shot: one sip and very quickly; experts recommend doing a tequila tasting at least once in your life, to allow you to discover more about this millenary distillate. 

Before starting, it’s important that your senses come into contact with the tequila, observe the colors in your glass, take the time to move the tequila and admire the body of the distillate, smell it and of course taste it.


These are 4 elements to consider when tasting tequila. 



Observe the movement of the tequila in your glass, the tequila guide will be able to explain more depending on the type of tequila you are tasting and what you can expect from each one. 



Each tequila gives off different aromas, depending on its preparation and aging; sometimes you will be able to sense fruity, wood or vanilla notes. Turn on your senses to be able to distinguish a wide variety of aromas. 



Remember that there are three main types of tequila: joven, reposado and añejo. Each one has a particular color, it can be more golden, ashy or white, depending on the tequila house. 



Take the time to taste and discover notes in each sip. Be patient, sometimes it’s not easy to find them all, but tequila experts will help you notice differences and properties in your tequila. 


Give yourself the opportunity to discover the flavors of Mexico and do something new that will distract you from the routine. If you want to experience a tequila tasting in Cancun, Mamazzita is perfect. Our tequila experts will guide you through the whole experience and you can pair it with our homemade salts.

We look forward to joining you on a journey of sensations and very Mexican flavors. 


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