Mamazzita’s signature dishes

The gastronomy of our country is extensive, varied and full of history, rediscover the flavors of Mexico with extraordinary ingredients and a gourmet touch. 

Mamazzita's cuisine is unique, daring and exciting, explore its dishes full of exciting flavors and creative combinations that will make you fall under the Mexican spell. 

Our chef was inspired by different areas and cities of Mexico, pre-Hispanic roots, classic family recipes, as well as the golden ages of our country full of glamour and splendor; all this fused with international haute cuisine, creating true gastronomic tributes that exalt the best of these worlds.

Homemade Guacamole

Watch how fresh ingredients become a delicacy of Mexican cuisine, a dish loved around the world and that puts Mexico on everyone's palate. 

Making guacamole is almost a ritual, experience the magic of its preparation step by step in the comfort of your table. 


Duck Carnitas

We have transformed one of the culinary delights of the Mexican streets into a gourmet dish with incomparable aromas and sensations. 

Try our house recipe and delight your palate with the uniqueness and distinction of Mamazzita style duck meat. 


Wagyu meatballs 

Meatballs are a classic of all Mexican cuisines, their flavor evokes well-being and homey nostalgia. We have reinvented this recipe with wagyu beef to add a touch of exclusivity to your experience. Enjoy the delicacy of its flavor cooked with chipotle, spices and almonds. 


Burrata in mole

One of the stars of the menu, try this exquisite combination of artisanal mole from Veracruz, with the soft and creamy texture of burrata, an Italian cheese with big personality. A dish served over baked plantain flavored with cinnamon and almonds. 


Barbecue tostadas

Corn is essential in all its presentations. Try our crunchy tostadas with slow cooking short rib. A true slow cooking delight that releases intense and complex flavors with a soft texture that melts in every bite. A must during your visit. 


These are some of the most iconic dishes of Mamazzita's cuisine, if you want to discover them for yourself, come visit us and make your reservation here.