Mamazzita's Signature Dishes Vol. 2

Each Mamazzita dish was created under Mexican spell and the inspiration of the most extraordinary recipes and flavors of Mexico. Our kitchen is a laboratory of creativity and precision, playing with haute cuisine, exclusive ingredients and the ancestral history of Mexican food. 


Catch of the day

A tribute to the fish cooked in Barra Vieja in Acapulco, our reinterpretation is grilled with guajillo chile and cumin. A perfect dish to share and enjoy the flavors of the sea in a delicate, exquisite way with exceptional touches. 


Grilled Ora King Salmon

The Ora King salmon is a rare and exclusive species of the sea, in Mamazzita we present this dish in a three chili crust, served masterfully with hibiscus chutney and corn. 

Explore its charcoal-grilled flavor, which perfectly contrasts the salty, spicy and sweet touches, offering a sublime feast for your palate. 


Seafood enchilada

A Mexican classic reinvented with seafood, we have created an enchilada filled with sea bass, octopus, scallops and shrimp. A hearty dish with flavors of the sea, accompanied by the smoothness of cream and Swiss cheese, contrasting with the handmade serrano chile and jalapeño sauce. A Mexican delight Mamazzita style. 


Kurobuta Cochinita pibil

Kurobuta pork is one of the best in the world, raised in certain areas of Japan and known for its soft, slightly marbled meat. This dish is inspired by the typical Yucatecan recipe, the meat is marinated with achiote and citrus, wrapped in banana leaves and served with pickled onions. An exclusive and international item on our menu. 


Short rib Barbacoa Tacos

Our blend of spices and 12-hour slow cooking add a unique and exceptional flavor to our tacos. Each bite is soft and memorable at the same time, served with avocado, pickled onion and serrano aioli. First class tacos that you will never forget.