Guide to tasting Mezcal at Mamazzita

Mezcal is a traditional Mexican drink that has gained popularity around the world for its unique flavor and cultural tradition. If you’re looking for an authentic mezcal tasting experience, Mamazzita is the perfect spot.  


At Mamazzita you will find a wide variety of renowned artisanal mezcals that will allow you to discover its different flavors, aromas and textures. In addition, our experts will guide you through the tasting process so you can fully appreciate all that this beverage has to offer during your visit.

We share with you a guide to make your experience with this ancestral beverage totally unique:


Step 1.  Choosing a mezcal

First of all, you must choose the mezcal you wish to taste. There are many brands and varieties of mezcal, each with its own flavor and aroma. If you are new to mezcal, we recommend starting with a young mezcal, which is less strong and smoother than other varieties. If you are already a connoisseur, you can try more complex varieties such as reposado mezcal or añejo. 


Step 2. Observe the mezcal

Once you have chosen your mezcal, it's time to observe. The mezcal should be clear and free of impurities or floating particles. If you find impurities, the mezcal may not be made in the traditional way.  


Step 3. Smell the mezcal

Now it is time to appreciate the aroma of the mezcal. To do so, bring the glass to your nose and take a deep sniff. The mezcal should have an intense and distinctive aroma. Our experts will guide you through the notes, depending on the variety or brand you have chosen. 


Step 4. Taste the mezcal

Finally, it's time to taste the mezcal. Take a small sip and let the mezcal run over your palate. Appreciate the taste and texture in your mouth, then take another sip and try to identify specific flavors. You can look for flavors such as vanilla, wood, fruity, smoky and the taste of agave itself.


Step 5. Elevate your experience

At Mamazzita you will find a wide variety of Mexican-inspired dishes that you can pair with your mezcal. Each dish is made with fresh and quality ingredients, so you can enjoy an extraordinary gastronomic experience, we recommend you to try our specialties and innovative recipes. 


In conclusion, mezcal tasting is a unique experience that allows you to appreciate all the flavors and aromas of this traditional drink. Follow this step-by-step guide to make sure you enjoy your mezcal to the fullest.