Friends' night out at Mamazzita

Are you looking for a different plan with your friends and don't know which restaurant to visit in the hotel zone? Here’s an idea: Mamazzita Cancun. Its incredible concept of reinvented Mexican haute cuisine, with its privileged location by the Nichupte lagoon and a party atmosphere will make your girlfriends' night become a memorable moment. 

At Grupo Rosanegra, passion is the motivation behind every concept, every dish and every space, without a doubt at Mamazzita It's all about Passion. Here are 5 reasons to make a plan with your favorite people in Cancun's hotel zone. 


A perfect plan

Nowadays making plans with friends can be a complicated task, between busy schedules and different routines, sometimes it seems impossible to make it work. Take advantage of Valentine's Day or the whole month of February and use it as the best excuse to get together. Organize a night out to pamper yourself and do something different from what you would normally do. 



Live Music with Latin vibes

It's not just about the dining experience, Mamazzita is all about color, flavor and good music. Experience its Latin Nights with salsa and Latin music that will get you up from the table to dance with your best friends. 



New photos together

Mamazzita Cancun has amazing spots to take pictures that will become memorable moments. At the entrance you will find Daniel Popper's sculpture in Bohemian Square, one of the hot spots in the hotel zone that you can't miss during your visit, and inside the restaurant you will find the "famous Mamazzita chair" to strike a pose with your best angle. 



The taste of Mexico reinvented

Mamazzita's menu was inspired by the essence of Mexico, its ancestral recipes, its primordial ingredients such as corn and many influences throughout the years. Find extraordinary Mexican dishes with an international touch, cooked with ingredients from different parts of the world.



Cocktails with soul and creativity

At Mamazzita you will find exotic signature drinks, created with refreshing syrups and high quality ingredients to offer you an unforgettable experience. Each drink represents a moment of inspiration such as a song, a story or a symbol of Mexican culture. 



 A new tradition

You can repeat this experience year after year and create a new tradition with your friends. This way every Valentine's day you can get together to enjoy the best Mexican food in Cancun. You can even recommend visiting different locations such as Mamazzita Tulum and Mamazzita Los Cabos which is located in the Hotel ME Cabo. Ready to have fun?