Discover the best breakfasts options at Mamazzita Los Cabos

Mamazzita Los Cabos is located in the great hotel ME Cabo and something special about this venue is the breakfast menu. This Mamazzita offers incredible breakfasts to start your vacation days in Los Cabos in the best way possible.

In their menu you will find breakfast classics: fruits, eggs and pancakes, among many other options, all prepared with fresh and high quality ingredients. Check out some of our options.   




French Toast Brûléee

This is our take on the classic French-inspired dish. We made a tribute to the famous Crème Brûléee dessert, adding a different touch to the original French toast that can't be missing from the breakfast menu, after you try it, you’ll become a fan. 




Mediterranean Bowl

If you're looking for something lighter and with great flavor, the Mediterranean bowl is for you. This dish features Greek yogurt, berries, nuts and honey. A sweet start to a perfect day in Los Cabos. 




Eggs to your liking

Nothing can go wrong with eggs in all their presentations and with different accompaniments. At Mamazzita we cook eggs your way: scrambled, boiled or fried, with multiple proteins to spice up your breakfast.  




Avocado Tartine

This breakfast is one of the favorites of everyone who visits Mamazzita, our version of an avocado toast. This tartine is served with rustic bread, homemade guacamole, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese. The combination of flavors is light and exquisite at the same time. 




Salmon tartine

A healthy and delicious option, this breakfast is prepared with rustic bread, served with cured salmon, hard-boiled egg and olive tapenade. A contrast of flavors that will captivate your senses. Enjoy this great option in your room with room service or in the stunning spaces of the restaurant. 




Don't miss out on the best breakfasts in Los Cabos.