5 Types of Tequila

1. Tequila Blanco.

Also known as silver tequila, blanco is the unaged expression of tequila distilled from the blue Weber agave and hailing from one of five western states in Mexico. Look for bottles that are labeled “100% blue agave.” Blanco tequilas are perfect candidates for Margaritas.

2. Tequila Joven.

Blanco bottles labeled “joven” typically contain a small amount of aged tequila blended with unaged tequila.

3. Tequila Reposado.

Tequila reposado is tequila that is aged in American or European oak barrels for at least two months and up to a year. Reposado tequilas make for more dynamic, flavorful Margaritas.

4. Tequila Añejo.

Tequila añejo is tequila aged in American or European oak barrels for at least a year. (Some producers introduce other barrels into the aging and blending process as well.) Añejo tequilas are best for sipping neat or as an alternative base spirit in recipes that call for brown spirits like whiskey.

5. Extra Añejo.

Rare extra añejo expressions are aged for at least three years.

Although an amber color can indicate the age of a tequila, stay away from gold tequila, which is usually tequila plus caramel coloring and artificial flavoring.


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