5 reasons to visit Mamazzita Tulum

Tulum is one of the hottest destinations of the moment, its blue beaches, archaeological site, gastronomic diversity, nightlife, and incredible tourist activities make it a favorite vacation spot. 

Mamazzita is one of the best attractions in Tulum for its Mexican concept reinvented with a modern and innovative touch. Its reimagined cuisine pays tribute to different areas of Mexico and countless recipes of the country that tell stories and continue to transcend through the years from generation to generation. 

If you want more inspiration or reasons to visit Mamazzita Tulum, keep reading.


Spaces surrounded by the jungle


The jungle of Tulum is part of the charm of the area, palm trees  and dense vegetation are the perfect setting to spend incredible days and nights. 

Mamazzita fuses nature into its decoration and makes it one of the stars of the night. 

A colorful wall art, an elegant terrace full of rustic and handcrafted details and its distinctive drinks bar will make you live a night full of emotions and magical sensations.  



Reinvented dishes


The magic of Mamazzita's happens in the kitchen, we’ve reinvented beloved and recognized dishes of Mexican cuisine with an extraordinary gourmet touch. 

Typical recipes have been taken and reinvented with innovative techniques and exclusive ingredients. Find creative combinations and dare to try new flavors. 



Tequila Tasting


Mamazzita is the perfect place to learn more about agave and connect with the essence of Mexico through this distillate. Experience our tequila tasting guided by our experts who have designed a journey of flavors and sensations paired with artisanal salts in an atmosphere of sophistication and glamour.  



Festive atmosphere


The atmosphere of celebration and fun is simply unparalleled. Enjoy the live singer's performance, the resident DJ's music, happenings and sparklers that will light up your night. 

Experience spectacular nights and be amazed by Mamazzita's high level entertainment.  



The best memories


Make the most of your night at Mamazzita and capture the best moments on our emblematic wall.  A picture says more than a thousand words. Strike a pose alone, with your partner or with your best friends, but don't leave Tulum without taking this souvenir with you. 



Visit Mamazzita Tulum, the best restaurant in Tulum to enjoy Mexican food in an original and spectacular way.