3 drinks you must try at Mamazzita Tulum

The cocktail bar at Mamazzita is grand, colorful and exuberant, a true tribute to the colors and flavors of Mexico. The drinks menu is extravagant and extensive enough to satisfy all tastes, offering both classic and exotic options, to play with textures and extraordinary presentations. 

Premium distillates are an essential part of all the recipes and each name carries some memory, song or reference to Mexican culture, such as Piel Canela, La incondicional, Cielito lindo and Aluxe. 

Come and try them all and enjoy a Mexican Haute Cuisine experience like no other. 


Link image: https://www.instagram.com/p/CnqHMXHouFO/


Call me Señorita

Call me Señorita is a flirty, fresh and very powerful drink, prepared with Ketel One vodka, pineapple, turmeric, passion fruit and some homemade natural syrups, to make your drink an authentic journey of sensations. The ideal drink for a get-together with friends in Mamazzita and for all the ladies to say cheers to friendship. 


Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/ChQKZpKlsQT/



An aluxe is a "Mayan elf", a mythical character from the Mayan region, who is considered magical and very mischievous. The Aluxe has Tequila Don Julio, cordial liqueur with pineapple and chaya, and lime juice among other ingredients that will make this drink an experience. This cocktail is a tribute to the Mayan culture and a way to combine flavors in a unique recipe, be sure to try it on your next visit.




Piel Canela

If you like sweeter drinks with vanilla and cinnamon flavors, this one is perfect for you. It’s prepared with Havana 7 rum, melon horchata and other secret ingredients that will make this drink something extremely special. This cocktail is for palates looking for sweeter flavors. Piel Canela is inspired by Mexican desserts and Caribbean flavors resulting in a true delight. 




In Mamazzita's mixology you will find: mezcal drinks, tequila drinks and many extravagant combinations. Come and experience great nights out in Tulum and explore exceptional flavors that you won't experience anywhere else.