Mamazzita Cancun: an international tribute to Mexican flavors

Nov 18, 2021


Mamazzita has arrived to Cancun to share its contemporary concept of Mexican cuisine with the world. 

The Nichupté Lagoon is the new setting for this new Grupo RosaNegra restaurant, which has come to Cancun to impress local and international foodies with its extraordinary menu full of surprising ingredients and combinations.

Mexico is the inspiration behind every detail and corner of Mamazzita Cancun, from the art that decorates it, the mezcal and tequila based mixology, the dishes on the menu, the music that accompanies the atmosphere every night, as well as its prehispanic shows that invites us to connect with the mexican ancestral roots. 

This concept pays tribute to the flavors and colors of Mexican culture, offering the best dishes of traditional Mexican cuisine, reimagined with sophisticated techniques and the most exclusive products.

If you’re looking to surprise your senses and taste striking dishes, Mamazzita is perfect for you. The menu includes a wide variety of ceviches, exquisite tacos, Mexican tostadas, fish and grilled beef cuts. Its creative cuisine fuses ancestral recipes, with exclusive products such as Ora King Salmon, U2 Nigerian Shrimp, Bogavante lobster, Alaskan King Crab, among many others adding a gourmet twist, in addition to presenting its dishes in an enviable and aesthetically pleasing way, so you can fall in love at first sight with your food. Enjoy an unmatched view with a fireworks show to create an unforgettable evening. 

Its incredible decoration combines colorful murals with natural elements and rustic materials to create an elegant and bohemian atmosphere at the same time. Mamazzita is the perfect place to party and celebrate, while enjoying its ingenious mixology in a Mexican, modern and extraordinary ambiance. 

Don’t forget to ask for the house’s signature drink: Mamazzita and remember your only mission is to have a wonderful time throughout the night.